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Comparison between a Male and Female

     There is a reason the technical dog term 'bitch' is often used in a negative way—and it refers directly to the behaviors exhibited by some female dogs. Most dog fights will break out when 2 females are involved. Females are less likely to get along with other females, while males will naturally accept the alpha leader as the ruler of the roost. Males are more affectionate, and more demanding of human attention. They become more attached to their people. Males tend to be more steadfast, reliable, and less moody; more outgoing, more accepting of other pets, and take quicker to children. Most males are easily motivated by food and praise, and eager to please which makes training easier.

     No matter what age, a male is more likely to act silly and more puppy-like, always wanting to play games. Males are fun-loving almost until the day they die. Females tend to be more reserved and dignified as they age.

     Females will usually come to you for attention, but when she's had enough of your loving affection, she's more likely to move on and go find a comfy spot for a nap. Males are always waiting for your attention and will almost always want more. Females are less distracted during training periods and eager to get it over with so she can get back to her favorite spot on the couch. Females are less likely to wage a dominance battle with you, but she can also be very cunning and resourceful in getting her own way. She is much more prone to mood swings: one day she may be sweet and affectionate—the next reserved and withdrawn or even grumpy.

**There is no real reason to have one sex over another. If you decide on a female, have her spayed as soon as possible. If you decide on a male, have him neutered as soon as possible. Everyone involved will be happier and healthier.  Thank You!!


The Miniature Australian Shepherd - A Lot Of Dog In A Small Package

Some of the best times are spent with our dogs. They are loyal, affectionate, and are never judgemental. Once you bring the puppy home, they are yours. Just like marriage, owning a dog is for "better or worse". Fortunately, there are many great breeds of dogs, so it is not difficult to find the right one for your personality, home, and lifestyle. One of the best breeds for families and individuals is the Miniature Australian or Mini Aussie. These dogs are known for their energy and intelligence and quickly become a part of the family.

History Of The Mini Aussie

Breeders developed the Mini Aussie by breeding smaller Australian Shepherds and creating dogs of smaller sizes. The Mini Aussie is quickly becoming popular all over the world and is desired by those who prize intelligence and energy and like the compact body structure. The Australian Shepherd has been used for centuries to herd livestock and can work for hours without lagging. Mini Aussies are often used in agility contests and also do well in other dog sports competitions such as obedience, herding, flyball, and disc.


Mini Aussies are very personable and outgoing. They love to stay busy and enjoy having a job to do. They are also great companions, enjoying a daily walk. You will find your Mini Aussie will be just as energetic as you want, from catching a frisbee to laying in your lap and just chilling. This is one of the easiest dogs to train because they are so intelligent and they are extremely loyal and loving. One thing to consider, though, the Mini Aussie's energy level does not make them a great choice for an apartment. They need room to run and play so they can burn off some of that incredible energy.


Even if you do not know much (or anything) about training a dog, you can train your Mini Aussie. They respond quickly to basic commands and truly love to learn. As the trainer, it will be your job to establish the respect and trust. Use a gentle, but firm approach to training your Aussie and they will learn very quickly.

Owning The Breed

There are many advantages to owning a Miniature Australian Shepherd. They are very smart and very affectionate. They are easily trained and very obedient. They can learn the trickiest maneuvers and run agility and obstacle courses with ease. They are extremely sociable and get along well with children and other pets. The Mini Aussie is also very alert and they make great watchdogs and will protect your family members.

The Mini Aussie is a small, compact breed, standing from 35 to 46 cm at the shoulders and weighing between 20 and 40 pounds. Their coat comes in several colors, including red, black, red merle, and blue merle. They will typically have medium to long hair and will have a dense undercoat. Their hair may be slightly wavy or straight and it is very resistant to the weather.

The Mini Aussie requires little grooming, but should be combed periodically, especially when they are shedding. There is no need to bathe them every week, just when necessary. These dogs should always be kept inside with the family since they need high levels of socialization.

Their energy level can make them a challenge at times. You will have to provide some type of activity and keep their minds engaged. They require exercise daily and need a place to play, preferably outside. You will need to spend time with your Mini Aussie, socializing and training them.

The Miniature Australian Shepherd makes a wonderful companion. Their fierce intelligence, high energy, and love for their family make them perfect for a family.

Jonathan Leger is a small business owner and freelance writer. He also runs a popular question and answer site with a section dedicated to pets and pet care.