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Pictures sent of past puppies should only be sent to us as .gif, .jpg, .jpeg and .zip files. They are the only files that can be uploaded. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Hello Debbie!
My family and I adopted Kenai (Tuff) last summer. He's such a handsome boy and seems to have settled at about 22 lbs. He's so healthy, smart, and such a positive energy in our lives. Kenai has been on many road trips and adventures this past year and he loves traveling to new places and making friends! We call him our little "sunshine boy" because he's always so happy and sweet. Kenai has recently become a big brother to my new rescue kitten and it's amazing how gentle and kind he is to her. They are best friends now and are always together!
Thanks again for our sweet puppy!



Just thought you would enjoy seeing the girls. We originally started with Belle in 2007 and decided to add to the family wit pebbles in 2016. They are both well loved by the boys and when Dad takes them for a his weekly hikes. Dad is trying to teach them to roll over in this picture. It was a surprise to see the little princess at 7 weeks on your website. All my friends know the princess star and love her.

Jennifer A


Hi Debbie,

My name is Yesenia & I purchased a puppy, Grit, from you back in July. We call him Charlie now & we absolutely ADORE him. He's so playful, loving, and, of course, spoiled. He loves cuddles, especially when I wake up & before I leave for work! He also loves his dinosaur toys & playing fetch in the backyard! Here are some pictures and thank you again for allowing me to welcome this little guy into our life!




Hey Deb!!
This is Erin, I got "Boulder" this Summer from you. I named him Riggins. J I couldn't be happier. He’s the sweetest, smartest & most loving pup… and so fun!!  Very friendly… great with every type of person --- young & old.  He’s very well trained and he’s well socialized with other pups and people.  He’s my best friend.  I like to think he’s just as happy as I am.  I am beyond blessed.  Thank you so much for being so wonderful throughout the whole process, and thank you for my handsome pup. I’ve attached some photos of us and him for you.  Thanks again, and hope you had a lovely Holiday Season – Happy New Year!
All my Best,





Hi Deb, I wanted to update you with a picture of this sweet boy of ours. This is "Cash". I think your daughter had originally gave him the name Cody but when he arrived to us at 8 weeks old we went with the name Cash. He has brought so much joy to our lives. At the time we did not have kids so he was our baby. A year and a half after we got him we had our first child, since then we have had one more. Cash took in our babies just like they were his. He is so very protective of all of us. He is the smartest, most loyal dog. He is a very small mini. He weighs right at 16 lbs and is 12" tall. We could ve asked for a more precious fur baby!!

Thank you again,




Hello Deb! I hope all well with you and yours.

I wanted to send you an update on our Russell, that we adopted from you last October. He is the light of our life! So sweet tempered and adventurous! We can take him any place and he's such a joy! Camping, hiking, riding in the car, gardening (although he likes to bite the tops off my tomato plants), he loves it all. He's also become inseparable friends with my parents golden retriever, which is funny since she out weighs Russell by a good 50 lbs.! :)  I've attached a few pictures of him for you. My adult children argue over who gets to take him hiking next. He really has become the center of our family. I've tried to talk my husband into letting us get a second one so he'll have a live in play mate, but he's not come around yet. :)

Thank you so much! It's not even been a year yet, but we already cannot imagine life without him! I've recommended you to several friends and strangers that have fallen in love with him and want to know where they can get one too!

All the best, 

 Deb.  Thought you would like to have a picture and update on Jack
(Born August 25, 2015).  He has become a very important member of the family.   

Thank you...
Colleen Obergh



Hi there Debbie!

We promised some pictures and here they are!  Matilda (we call her Mattie) is a year old now as of Feb 28th... seems like she has been part of our family longer than that. She is a great dog!!! We are more than happy with her and want to thank you for allowing us to have her. She travels with us, sleeps with us (sometimes), plays with us, pesters us and is involved in just about with everything we do. She is also smart as a whip! The Kong is her favorite toy and the couch with the brown pillow is her favorite place to hang out.

We are looking forward to seeing the pictures of your next bunch of Aussie puppies!! Thanks again for this dog and we hope you have a grand year in 2015.


Chuck and Arlene Howard




Hi Deb,

We hope 2014 was good for you and your family.  Loki has made our 2014 simply amazing, filled with happiness and wonderful memories.  Thank you so much for breeding a dog like Loki.  He's brought us and my parents so much joy.  My parents are retired and they watch Loki while Tyler and I are at work, so he's kind of their dog too.  We drop him off and pick him up as though he was in doggy daycare.   

He'll turn 1 year old on 2/28/15 and I can't wait to bake him a doggie cake!  Attached is a picture of Loki hanging out on the bed.  He loves sitting this way.  I call it his "seductive pose".  He keeps everything covered with his strategically placed front paw.  :)


Hi Deb,                                                                 ~ Jazz's Toy Male Red Merle

Hutch is still doing great!  Wanted to send you an updated picture, but he still looks pretty much the same.  Everyone always comments on his smile.  I hosted Bunco the other night and Hutch sat at the table with the girls.  He loves attention and to be a part of the action.

Trish Langley,
Grand Junction, CO

Jazz's black tri female 

Hello Debbie,

I just wanted to stop by and say Hi and what a beautiful litter you have right now of puppies!!!! 

I'm always on your site looking at the new ones, as one of these days we will be getting another Aussie from you!!

She is still our amazing dog, and still full of energy at 6 years old!! Love her to pieces!! 

Lonnie and Christy 


 Dear Deb,                                          ~Dottie's Toy Female Red Tri
We wanted to thank you so much for delivering our beautiful new pup "Bella." She is perfect in every way and we love her so much.  Yesterday we went to the Vet, she had her first check up and came through with flying colors and a clean bill of health. Bella weighed in at a whopping 2.5 pounds!
She did well on the drive back to Seattle and on the plane ride back to California and of course all who saw Bella just fell in love.
Bella is fitting in well with our other two dogs, Clarke (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) and Lexi ( Australian Shepard) and wants to play with them all the time. She has been exploring the backyard relentlessly and loves to chew on leaves she picks up from the grass.
Thanks again for keeping us at ease with pictures and updates.
Kevin, Vivien & Jourdan

Deb,                                                                              ~Dottie's Toy Female Blue Merle

Here are a few pictures of Abbie she is so loved....also a picture of meiko her new brother 
P.S. Thank you so much for raising our little girl ,she fills our lives with joy!
                                Tammy and James, Wa

Hey Deb,                                                                           ~Dottie's Toy Black Tri Female

Just wanted to let you know, Nova just turned 1 year and is doing great. She weighs about 9 lbs right now and is healthy and happy and full of energy. She's smart and a quick learner and loves fetch almost as much as she loves her people! Thank you so much again!

Cheney, WA

                                                                                                 ~Dottie's Toy blue merle male
Just a short note to let you know Maverick is doing well and I love him to so much, he is my new best friend!  He is 7 mths old today and weighs about 6 lbs now.  He is really tiny and everyone that sees him falls totally in love immediately.  He still has beautiful blue eyes and the softest coat...oh he is just adorable.  I am so thankful to have him.  I take him everywhere I go.  My darling little puppy is having a nice life with us..and I would like to thank-you again for trusting him to us. 
Janette                                                  Thank-you Debbie
                         Take Care and May God Bless And Keep You and Yours

Deb,                                                                     ~Jazz's Toy Black Bi Female
Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy! She is just a doll, and personality is just perfect for us. She's smart, she listens, she's quiet, and a super cuddle bug. I love her so much. I know she's a keeper, and I don't think you could get her back from me for any price. :) She's already quite bonded. She slept all the way home in the car on our SHOULDERS! Then she got home and we all took a nap on the couch. She laid right on the pillow by our heads. (and that's where she went to sleep in our bed, too.) This morning she's been up, awake, and playful. No whining or crying (other than because of her collar, which she doesn't like very much), just playing and happy. She goes to the bathroom outside and she goes potty inside on the piddle pads. Thanks so much for the wonderful puppy! I'll update you as she grows...
Talk to you later.


Hi Deb,                                                                          ~Jazz's Blue Merle Female~
here are some pics of our precious little girl. She has been a real joy to have around and has the sweetest temperment. Everywhere we go we get lots of comments about her coloring and loviness. Thanks for bringing her into our lives.
     Jenny Anderson and family

                                                                                   ~Dottie's - 1st Blue eye Tri
HI Deb,                                                               
Hope all is well. We decided to call him Jasper, after a beautiful resort town near here. He has been so much fun and he is so so smart! Here are some pics!


Deb                                                                              Dottie's ~ Blue Merle Female 2008
Here are a couple of pictures of Darby. Thank you so much for bringing such a special member to the family. She is such a smart and lovable puppy
Thanks again.

 Hi Deb,                                                       ~Jazz's Toy Black Bi and Toy Red Bi Female

I thought I would send you a quick e-mail updating you about Taryn and Jetta's progress...Just a reminder in case you forgot who I am...I came down from Edmonton and flew in to pick up both pups at the same time.
Anyways, they are both doing really well!  They are 10 months old now, and Taryn is about 13 inches and Jetta is 12 inches.  Taryn looks just like mom, Jazz!  I remember Jazz from the airport and they are spitting images of each other!  Jetta's hair is much more bushy, and she is more stocky built.  Taryn is really leggy and fast and an awesome jumper!!!!  She is making an excellent agility prospect!  Both dogs have taken obedience, and Taryn has done more agility than Jetta (who starts classes this month).
It is fun, the two play together every week and LOVE each other to death!!!  They are polar opposites though!  Taryn loves dogs is wary of people...Jetta loves people and is wary of dogs!  Their builds are different and Jetta is not as much of a jumper, but she will be fine at lower heights in agility.
I am having trouble attaching pictures, but I will try to send you some for their first birthday that you can put on your website.
Thank you soooo much for selling them to us!  I look forward to buying another puppy from you down the road.
Lisa Saxby (and my sister is Cheryl Harmata)


                                                   Agility Trial Champion of Canada (ATChC)

see on front page

Hi Deb,                                                                           ~Jazz's Red Bi Female

Osa is doing great! She is such a part of the family. She weighs a meager 12 pounds and stands 13" at the shoulder. She is filling out nicely and is starting to get some longer fur on her chest. She looks so much like mom Jazz! We recently bought an agility course/set and are hoping to get Osa started on it soon. Our male, Tyke, wouldn't know what to do with out Osa. They go everywhere together.
Thanks for everything,
~The Noels

Hello Deb,                                                                          ~Dottie's Black Tri boy
We bought this little man from you. He was called Jake while he was with you. We named him Tucker, as he was so sleepy when we brought him home! Well it's been a few years now and I was thinking we should send you some photos so you could see how he's doing. He looks a lot like his mom, Dottie! He is happy at home with me, my parents, and his brother Sam (in the last picture). He loves to run, play, and chase Sam's tail since he doesn't have one! Thanks so much. He is the sweetest thing and we love him like our own baby!
Danielle Schwartz


Hi Deb,                                                            ~Jazz's Toy Blue Merle Male~
Here is a new picture of our little "Buddy".  He is a little over a year old now and weighs 15 lbs.  He is the light of our life. 

                                                                                                          ~Jazz's Red Girl with 1 blue eye 

Hi Debbie,

Zaira's doing great!  Thought you'd enojoy a pic from today - she's just really getting the hang of sailing - she certainly knows what line to pull on (LOL).  She's perfect - learning fast, making lots of new friends and we're find her to be a real joy!  Thanks again!! 
Kathy & Stan & Zaira
Vancouver, BC Canada

                                                                                                                       Jazz's Red Tri Boy

Hi Deb,
Hard to believe, but Remi (Jazz and Scooter) turns 3 today!  He is doing great.  Attached is a pic of him today with his new toy and one from this past winter in the snow.  He weighs a whopping 15 lbs. and is a bundle of energy.  He loves hanging out with his family and going for walks and hikes.  Thanks for our sweet boy!
Debbie N.

**We have retired Jazz and placed her in a loving home. Jazz an awesome little Girl!!

"Truly, this is what its all about"!! Debbie



 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are in love and I really believe Jazz is quickly accepting the change. I obviously don't know what her normal behaviors were before, but she is acclimating faster than I imagined. My kids - as you know, a 4, 6 and 8 year can be quite excited about a dog for the family - have been GREAT about going slowly and giving her time to check them out, and are thrilled with EVERY kiss she gives. :) She let my 6 year old hold the leash on our walk today, she jumps up on everyone's bed, depending on which room we're hanging out in, which makes them feel even more accepted :). 
She slept with Jason and I last night and tried to go to work with him this morning and when he said, "oh no sweetie, you can go back to bed," she went right back to our bedroom and went in her crate (that she didn't even sleep in, we're just providing it to her), so he said "oh you can get back up here" and she popped back up in bed with me. :)
She played with me on our bed today (I was rolling around and she'd roll over, was really playful, kind of getting me with her mouth, definitely playing, which was great). :)  And what a great traveler! She was awesome in the car!
I feel like this just worked out so perfectly!!!!! She is exactly the kind of dog that is meant for my husband (as I explained before, I'm a TOTAL dog person as is my dad and both my brothers... it took one particular dog to turn my mom into a dog lover and my dad has been telling me it's going to be one dog that does it for Jason... well I'll tell you what, she's got him hooked. He was immediately in love just from her picture on your website, but to have her sit in his lap while he was driving, and perch next to him on the arm of the couch to watch out the front window, he's just hooked. :)He's coming to the dog-side of life!) :)
So thank you thank you thank you. I will keep you informed.
So, let's see, what questions... When was her last litter? What commands does she know? Obviously "sit" and "down" she's a PRO at! She has performed perfectly for all five of us (even the 4 year old) for treats... Does she like to fetch or tug-of-war or anything? I'm trying not to be crazy around her yet cuz she still tends to startle easily by things.  Not as much today as yesterday, of course.  Oh, and did she get human food at all?
Sorry to bombard you. Just wanted to check in!!!

Hope your daughter had a great time yesterday for her birthday! Oh, when do you think you'll have pictures up of the new puppies!? Just dying to see the little cuties. :)

Okay, talk to you soon!
Sincerely, Stacey

**Jazz's Daughter in California, and a Very Happy Customer!

Hi Debbie,

Here are some great pictures of our toy aussie girl we named her ABBY… look how cute she is! 

Nana Grossnickle


Hi Deb!                         ~Jazz's Red Tri 
It been a while since I've written to update you on Ennis (red-tri pup of Jazz and Scooter, Feb. 28 2008 litter), but I thought maybe I'd send a little update and a few pictures of him... he might be the most photogenic dog I've ever seen and is always such a ham for the cameras! :D

I have recently settled in Seattle -- Capitol Hill.  Ennis does very well in the tiny space, has transitioned beautifully, and loves the dog-friendly environment of Seattle.  He loves people so, so much.  When he's off-leash, he's fantastic, but he can be a bit protective of me when he's on-leash and other dogs come around.  But mostly, he just wants to play!  He's so incredibly smart, and I can tell he has an intuition with people and dogs... he senses things about them, and always reacts differently.  He is loyal and completely devoted, and always sticks with the pack -- such a people-dog!

Ennis is simply the best companion I could ask for and gives kisses almost every moment he can.  My parents (loving Ennis the way they did) got a Toy Aussie too (Maggie) from a different breeder.  Maggie and Ennis are a testament to just how different two dogs of the same breed can be.  She is beautiful and cute as can be, but doesn't have the same devotion and intelligence and expressive eyes that Ennis has been blessed with... He really is the spitting image of his mother Jazz, with the same turned-out ballet-feet stance.  I am so grateful to have him and all he offers, cuddles kisses and all!

Ennis continues to be very active, lean and healthy -- he's got some incredible genes; never been sick a moment in his life!  He seems to be holding steady at 14" tall and about 13 lbs.  He is so smart (sometimes too smart), and knows many tricks (he's a pro now at "playing dead" and is always very dramatic about it.)  He has long legs and runs (or rather, prances) faster than any dog I've seen fast and can turn on a dime.  Agility is definitely in his future.

Thanks Deb, and best wishes!


Hi Deb,                                       ~Jazz's Toy Red Bi

All is well in puppyland...just thought I'd send a more recent photo.  You did say to send one every year, but it's like baby photos...until they get older you just cant help it they are so cute.  Maizy gets compliments everywhere we go, so be confident that you make beautiful dogs.  And smart!  She can open her own crate, open a ziploc bag without making a hole and learns commands in less than a day.  As is typical for the breed...she is fast as lightening, tireless, and herds the family! 

I trust all is well with you, and thanks again.

Debbie,                                                                                         ~Dottie's Toy Blue Merle Female

Just wanted to send you a photo of Marlee at almost 3 years old. We are all doing great and enjoying her very much!
-Candace Ranz

Deb--                                                       ~Dottie's Toy Black Tri Male
 Hi Debbie.  I thought you'd like an update on our little boy, Starbuck.

Starbuck, a.k.a. "Starbuck the timid superpup" spends his days solving mysteries, fighting crimes, and barking at the birds in the backyard.  Okay... maybe just barking at the birds.  He is a smart and affectionate member of our family.  He has some interesting personality quirks-- mostly he thinks he's human.  We have tried our best to socialize him, but he remains quite timid around other dogs (regardless of size).

He's grown!  He may be Dottie's boy, but he's definitely grown past "toy" into "mini" size.  He is still perfect for us.

My 10 year old daughter and 8 year old son love Starbuck dearly.  They love to play tug o war, catch, and frolic with their dog.  He's exactly what our family needed, and I hope we are exactly what he needs.  Thank you for providing the last member of our family.

Very Truly Yours,

Gerrit, Carrie, Audrey & Austin


Hi Deb!                                                                                 ~Dottie's Toy Blue Merle Female
Thought you might like to see a couple of pics of Skeeter.  She's my cuddle pup, for certain.  I just know I have the best doggie in the entire world, and I'll always be thankful to you.  She's a VERY good girl.  Has been totally housebroken for ages, and although she'd play 100% of the time if I'd cooperate, she's very good about stopping when I tell her to.  When she's not playing, or at my feet, she's curled up in my recliner.  Such a rough life she has. 
These pics were taken over at Kent's house...we were watching a movie.  As you can see, Skeeter takes turns napping and watching the movie and herding up her toys.
She gets final shots next week, and I have her appointment to be spayed the first week in June. 
I'm watching your new pups - they are all so cute, I just wish I could have them all. 
Take care, Judy

Hi Deb!                                                                                                       Peggy's Black Tri Boy
Our beautiful, loving, funny Finn.....such a good boy!!!!!  He’s an amazing dog!  
He’s grown into such a handsome boy and has a little girlfriend he plays with every day.  Oh, by the way, he’s up to 23 lbs., 15” tall! 
We feel so blessed to have him!  Thank you!
Today, it’s all about Finn!!!  Well, every day really!!!
May all be well with you and yours!

                                                                                                            Peggy & Chip Black Tri Boy
Hi Deb,

Last year's Christmas puppy is now 1 year old.  I've attached some photos so you can see how handsome he is.  At 38 pounds, he is quite a bit bigger than we expected, but still quite perfect and wonderful.  We did a lot of camping this summer, and while at Sun Lakes he became quite a water dog.  Now we cannot keep him out of the water.  Same thing at the ocean, running through the surf is an all-time favorite sport of his.  He's been a wonderful addition to our family and is loved very much.  As I type this he is lying on the bed between my husband and I, just being snuggly.
Hope all is well for you and your family.
Sincere Regards,

Jill Munson

Hi Deb                                                                                 Dottie & Chip ~ Red Tri Boy
Hershey has really grown, he is 9.6 pounds now at 16 weeks... He loves camping, plays great with the kids, and is top dog in obedience training class.. He is by far the baby of the class and yet understands
everything.. He is very timid of strangers, but will warm up in time, and never shows aggression.. We are having a lot of fun with him. He stops almost everyone because he is so unique and adorable.
Just thought you would love an update...

                                                                                                  Peggy & Chip ~ Black Tri Toy Male

My very happy daughter, Erin,and her puppy, Ty

--thank you! Kristin

                                                                                       ~Dottie + Chip's~ Black Tri Female

Hi Deb!
I sure hope this photo works , as I'am still techno challanged 
Here is our little girl already 5 months old!   She is doing amazing!   She instantly settled into our family and quickly starting healing our broken hearts that ached since the day we lost our previous friend.  
She has been so much fun. We have been amazed at how quickly she learns and how very smart she is. She did excellent in puppy school. She has been the best behaved puppy ever!   No matter where we go with her people stop us as they just can't resist a chance to pet her and ask questions about her.  She has an excellent happy and loving disposition and gets along with all dogs and people young and old.  In fact my 86 year old mother in law who has never held a dog in her life, could not resist picking Sparro up to give her a cuddle.   She has a very gently loving attitude and we couldn't ask for a more perfect fit for our family.  At 5 months she is weighing a very healthy 11.4 pounds and looks great!  She just lost 4 puppy teeth, which my daughter proudly carries around in her tooth fairy box. 
We can't wait until our upcoming camping trip to share many fun adventures with Sparro.  We even got her a doggy life jacket and a special seat on our boat.
Thanks so much Deb for the wonderful new member of our family!  We love her to pieces!
The Skucas family from Maple Ridge Canada

                                                                                                     Peggy Sue + Chip ~ Red Merle Male

Hi Deb,
Raja is officially one year old today so I thought I would give you an update on him. He has grown into a beautiful boy. At his last check up he was 17 inches tall and 19 pounds. He loves meeting new people and is incredibly smart. I have attached some recent pictures of him.
Thank you for such a wonderful boy,

P.S. Sometimes he gives you a look and he looks just like his mom. Lol

  Champaign & Chip

Just wanted to thank you again for my little guy. (1 year old today! :)



  Cricket & Chip

Gandalf is almost 19 lbs. He is very smart and was the model student in his puppy class. He already knew the tricks that other puppies were still learning. He loves playing catch and never fails to capture the love of those he meets and most of all ours.

Thank you!



Debbie, Chip & Champaign Daughters (Rosie & Bella)
They are like best friends, they do everything together. I'am really enjoying Bella, Thank you!