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"We have Puppies
D.O.B. August 1st and 2nd"
Chip/Dani - Aug 1, 2018
Chip/Cricket - Aug 2, 2018
THEME: Kentucky Derby Race Horse Names
Next Litter Spring 2019
~Puppies wil be ready for their forever homes end of September~

 "TANK" Black Tri Male white blaze, copper cheeks with copper pennies, eyes brown, Super sweet boy - SOLD
"DAKOTA" Black Tri Female Brilliant copper up legs, copper pennies, white chest and chin, eyes brown, will be smaller (Will look like Chip-Dad but Black) SOLD
"MOOSE" Blue Merle Male Tons of copper with split face, thin white blaze and super pretty merle pattern, eyes brown - SOLD

"MORGAN" Black Tri Female 1/2 white collar, 2 white booties, pretty copper, with pretty blaze on face, eyes brown - SOLD
 "JAGGER" Blue Merle Male nice merle pattern with 3/4 white collar, nice blaze with black spot on ears and up legs, eyes blue. Looks to be smaller.  SOLD

"SASSIE" Black Tri Female nice white blaze, brilliant copper cheeks, white belly, white socks, eyes brown - SOLD

 "GYPSY" Blue Merle Female full white collar, brilliant copper throughout, nice white blaze with pretty blanket of black on back, 2 blue eyes - SOLD

"FRANKLIN" Black Tri Male brilliant copper points on face, with blaze strip, copper pennies and copper up legs, eyes brown - SOLD
 "DERBY" Blue Merle Female full white collar, pretty copper, blanet of black with merling, 1 eye blue, 1 eye brown - Keeping
"BAILEY"Black Tri Female Brilliant copper points, copper up legs, copper checks and eye brows with white chest and chin, eyes brown, will be smaller - (Looks like Chip-Dad but Black) SOLD

"GUNNER" Blue Merle Male under collar, brilliant copper up legs, on cheeks unique merle pattern, white blaze, eyes brown will be smaller - SOLD
"BARLEY" Black Tri Male white chest, nice blaze, white chest with 4 white booties and pretty copper coming in, brown eyes will be small - SOLD

"TRIGGER" Black Tri Male 1/2 white collar, big white blaze with copper up legs, copper pennies and white chest, eyes brown - SOLD

"ANGEL" Black Tri Female nice white blaze, white chest, 2 front socks, brilliant copper pennies, copper up legs with white belly and chest - SOLD

WE ARE ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS ON 2017-2018 LITTERS , a non refundable deposit of $300.00, will be Applied to Purchase Price! All puppies will be FOR SALE until Deposit is received. Puppies leave here with 1 shot at 6 weeks, and are de-wormed. If flying, health check is required.

 All puppies leave with a registration application for ASDR and an Immunization Record.
Before placing a deposit if you have any questions or if interested Please Call (509)981-6532.

  $300 Non Refundable deposit guarantees your choice of sex and color of the next available puppy.

  Pet/Companion Prices are with a spay & neuter contract
~Tri's   900.00
~Merle's 1,000.00

 Tri's with blue eye/eyes price is subject to change!

**If you want a puppy ~ and do not place a deposit ~ We can not reserve any puppy.


*Now Accepting Square, plus 3%*
(There is a 3%  Pay Pal fee
not included in purchase price)


We ship out of Spokane International, WA. It is a good idea to check with the airlines to make sure we can ship to your airport or closest Near by Airport.



Mail to: debbie4hunt@gmail.com