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We have Puppies

Our Theme: Rivers 

Jax & Charlie

Chip & Suri

All puppies are Sold

Next litters Fall 2020,

I will send out emails and post on website

when I'am collecting deposits!

Jax/Charlie (DOB 3/29/2020)



"Ariel" Black Tri Female Full white collar, hour glass muzzle, white booties & socks with brilliant copper through out, eyes are brown - Sold


"Paradise" Blue Merle Female full white collar, white blaze, with pretty Merle pattern, and brilliant copper, blue eyes - Sold


"Avalon" Black Tri Female 3/4 white collar, 2 white socks, 2 white booties, nice white blaze, white chest and copper through out, blue eyes - Sold



"Rio" Black Tri Male, solid black, brilliant copper, 4 white booties and chest. Brown eyes - Sold



"Columbia" Silver Blue Merle male full merle pattern, copper through out, 2 white socks, 2 white booties with white chest, blue eyes - Sold

Chip/Siri (DOB 3/30/2020)



"Tigris" Red Merle Female, full white collar, dark red patches, 2 high white socks, brilliant copper through out, blue eyes. - Sold



 "Azura" Black Tri female, pretty white blaze, 4 white booties and chest, with brilliant copper, brown eyes (will be small) - Sold



 "Moselle" Blue Merle female full white collar, white chest with 2 white socks, black blanket, uniquely marked merle, blue eyes, she will be stunning - Sold




 "Hudson" Black Tri Male 3/4 collar with 1/2 white face, white chest, 2 white socks with pretty copper throughout, eyes look brown. Will be striking! - Sold



 "Rogue" Red Merle Male, full white collar, white chest, dark red merle patches with copper, blue eyes -Sold


WE ARE ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS ON 2019-2020 LITTERS , a non refundable deposit of $300.00, will be Applied to Purchase Price! All puppies will be FOR SALE until Deposit is received. Puppies leave here with 1 shot at 6 weeks, and are de-wormed. If flying, health check is required.

 All puppies leave with a registration application for ASDR and an Immunization Record.
Before placing a deposit if you have any questions or if interested Please Call (509)981-6532.

  $300 Non Refundable deposit guarantees your choice of sex and color of the next available puppy.

  Pet/Companion Prices are with a spay & neuter contract
~Tri's   1000.00
~Merle's 1,200.00

 Tri's with blue eye/eyes price is subject to change!

**If you want a puppy ~ and do not place a deposit ~ We can not reserve any puppy.


*Now Accepting Square, plus 3.5%*
(There is a 3.5%  Pay Pal fee
not included in purchase price)


We ship out of Spokane International, WA. It is a good idea to check with the airlines to make sure we can ship to your airport or closest Near by Airport.



Mail to: debbie4hunt@gmail.com